The Ideal Candidate Doesn’t Exist

Way too many times have I read and watched news articles and stories of a “labor shortage”. I don’t believe any of it. It’s a lack of “The Ideal Candidate” for any job. They don’t exist.

In going through several job recruiter emails, the one…

Out of my way Chad, I’m trying to beat the traffic

In order to get to your “Little Cube On The Office Prairie” obstacles tend to get in your way. None, however, are more obstacle-ish than school buses, parking garages, and lack of spots to park. Traffic can be blamed…

Breaking point

Illustration by Vidya Vasudevan,

Even workaholics come to a breaking point. Mine happened right at the end of January. The holiday rush for implementing new projects coupled with the pressures of getting all the year-end duties brought me to my knees.

Every industry has tremendous pressures exuded on their employees. I’ve been…

John Rowles

Cubicle Culturalist. Everyday Dude.

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